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Maremma Area
Maremma Area
Maremma Area

Maremma, the wild heart of Tuscany, is a place with an ancient, wild and mysterious scent; it is a land enveloped in the colors and scents of nature.

Maremma has always existed because it is unique, but if you look for it on a map you won't find it; if you happen upon it, however, you will feel it on your skin.

Wide spaces and dilated times, ideal for outdoor travel in harmony with an area where the dimension of travel respects the rhythms of man.

To find the borders of Maremma you have to go back in time, all the way to Dante Alighieri, who in the 13th canto of the Inferno pinpoints its boundaries between Cecina in the province of Livorno to the north and Corneto the present-day Tarquinia to the south.

A large part of the territory of southern Tuscany is the Maremma, where within it alternate fascinating places such as "the coast" with its crystal clear sea and pristine beaches from which to admire "the Islands," large and small jewels of the Mediterranean. But the Maremma is not only sea, going to explore the interior we find the "Colline Metallifere" with its places and villages mindful of the medieval wealth, the "Monte Amiata" that from above observes its Maremma and the "Val d'Orcia" and finally the "Terra del Tufo" where the ancient Etruscan people lived by ploughing the Vie Cave.

The special morphological characteristics of Maremma make it the ideal place for an active vacation, full of nature and sports all year round.

It is possible to Live the Maremma by bike, on horseback or on foot along its countless dirt roads, forest paths or plowing through the hills among the olive trees and vineyards, visiting the small and ancient medieval villages that gradually follow one another. In Maremma it is easy to encounter traces of the wild boars, deer, foxes and countless other animals that live freely in this land. Or we can dive into the clear waters of its sea, be carried away by the wind or the waves or sail slowly along the coast, discovering the beauty of its coves.

Maremma is able to satisfy not only the spirit but also the palate with its variety of food and wine products all strictly "made in Maremma."

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