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Colline Metallifere Area
Colline Metallifere Area
Colline Metallifere Area

The Colline Metallifere area, north of the province of Grosseto, is the largest area of the Maremma. The territory unfolds in a slow slope from the mountainous range of the heights of the Cornate di Gerfalco (1060 m a.s.l.), to the hills, to the wide gulf of Follonica and the coastline of the upper Maremma of Grosseto.

It is a territory, that of the Metalliferous Hills, which has always been characterized by enormous mineral riches, exploited massively since the time of the Etruscans until the early 1990s, when the inexorable process of decommissioning of the mining facilities began.

The best-known Etruscan, then Roman, cities, which became important mining and iron and steel centers such as Gavorrano, Montieri and Monterotondo, achieved their greatness thanks to the abundance of resources such as copper, silver and iron.

The territory of the Metalliferous Hills, has a sparsely anthropized appearance, covered with forests ranging from the inland ilex groves to the Mediterranean scrub on the hills towards the sea, extensive pastures of flocks and a few vineyards. Inland villages retain the charm of medieval towns, perched and fortified above the hills.

A historic symbol of disarming beauty is Massa Marittima, the little great republic town of the Middle Ages, with its two monumental poles of extraordinary effect.

Enchanted places, immersed in nature, to be crossed slowly, such as the Valle del Farma and its Canaloni or the Accesa Lake with its small white beaches and crystal clear waters. Lunar landscapes sometimes ghostly like Le Biancane and Larderello where, from the bowels of the earth a warm steam blows. Places where the supreme poet, Dante, was inspired to describe Inferno in The Divine Comedy.

Endless paths wind through the metalliferous hills, among ruins of old ironworks, hidden among holm oaks, abandoned mills along rich streams or over old disused railways, to be traveled slowly, on foot, by bike or on horseback.

In 2002 the National Park of the Grosseto Metal Hills was established, with 34 sites identified. The aim of the park is to protect, recover and conserve for environmental, tourism and cultural purposes this enormous heritage that would otherwise have been gradually disappearing with the decommissioning of mining activities.

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