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Mount Amiata
Mount Amiata
Mount Amiata

Mount Amiata is that mountain that each one of us as a child has always imagined with our imagination drawing it on a sheet of paper, a beautiful triangle, or as a cone with the tip up, with trees on the slopes, meadows, with a beautiful shining sun behind and the plain around, sometimes, in winter, with the top whitewashed with snow.

Mount Amiata is just that, an ancient extinct volcano rising from the plains, majestic and lonely with its 1738 meters high dominating Maremma and Val d'Orcia.

The history of Mount Amiata is lost in the mists of time, considered a sacred mountain by the Etruscans, mystical and energetic on its slopes have found hospitality in various spiritual communities such as that of the Giurisdavidica church and the Tibetan Buddhist center Merigar.

Many myths and legends shroud the ancient villages and forests of Mount Amiata, such as that of Merlin's cave and the dragon of the Selva.

In addition to history, what makes Mount Amiata unique is the unspoiled nature with its immense beech forests (the largest in Europe), spruce and chestnut forests. Amiata is one of the major water resources in southern Tuscany; the springs of the Orcia, Fiora, and Vivo rivers and numerous streams and torrents flow from the mountain.

A forest that covers the entire mountain, interrupted only by rivers, streams with crystal clear water and a dense network of paths, mule tracks and old roads that in ancient times connected the many villages of Mount Amiata, where it is not difficult to meet deer, roe deer, fallow deer and, for the lucky ones, to be able to observe wolves.

A paradise for lovers of the outdoors, where we can practice any type of outdoor activity at any time of the year, safely and quietly, such as trekking, hiking, climbing, biking, sport fishing just to name a few. In winter we can enjoy downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and long snowshoeing. For the little ones we find, nature and adventure trails, swimming pools, playgrounds and picnic areas to spend relaxing days in the shade of ancient beech trees or in the meadows at altitude.

To delight the palate, one cannot forget the good food with traditional mountain dishes, based on chestnuts, mushrooms, polenta, oil, good wine and traditional desserts, real rarities for quality and authenticity.

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