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Tuff Area
Tuff Area
Tuff Area

Leaving behind the plains and the coast, the territory begins to be more animated, the eye can sweep to the horizon admiring the rolling hills of the land of tuff covered with vineyards and olive groves, but also pastures for sheep and forests of oaks, cork oaks and holm oaks. The visitor passing through this land has the feeling of going back in time, in fact this vast hilly area has always been little anthropized by man, although it has always been inhabited and lived in since prehistoric times.

A territory inhabited and shaped by one of the finest ancient civilizations, the Etruscans, passing through the Romans to the Middle Ages and Renaissance with the Medici. The numerous villages are perched on the highest hills or lying on tuffaceous plateaus and surrounded by numerous streams that have carved deep valleys over the centuries, making them virtually impregnable. The imaginary "border" of the Terre del Tufo, goes from Scansano to Manciano, Saturnia and Montemerano, Pitigliano and Sorano, Sovana and Vitozza.

This still little-known corner of Maremma has long remained far from the major communication routes. And it is thanks to this "splendid isolation" that the Terra del Tufo today presents itself as a unique place in the world with its complex system of semi-subterranean routes dug into the tuff, the Vie Cave, which connected the various Etruscan cities to each other via necropolis and sacred places.

The Vie Cave, have been declared "an asset of world interest to be protected," and together with the hundreds of caves and necropolis from the Etruscan-Roman period and the rock settlements, they represent a unique setting that we can only find here. Another road of great importance, which crosses the whole Terra del Tufo, is the ancient Via Clodia, which connected Rome to Saturnia, a trade route also known as the via delle terme, where in some sections it is still possible to pass over the original Roman paving stones. Terra del Tufo, being a volcanic area is rich in thermal areas where we can relax and take care of our body and mind, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Saturnia.

History, nature but also ancient traditions and enogastronomy, is what you can find going through every corner of this part of Maremma, the land of Morellino and cheeses, tortelli maremmani or acquacotta, not to mention the wild boar. The land of the Tuff is an area to visit without hurry, perhaps walking along the ancient streets on foot, or with e-bikes and why not on horseback, an area that needs time to be "enjoyed at its best," where you can relax immersed in the sulphurous waters or delighting our palate with the specialties in some trattoria, or listening to the stories of the local elders while sipping a glass of good wine sitting at the bar.

You will immediately feel at home in one of the many agritourisms scattered throughout the hills, or in a room in the center of a village, letting yourself be carried away by the slow pace of these places.

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