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E-bike tour - “Pills” from Maremma
E-bike tour – “Pills” from Maremma
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By e-bike to discover Maremma, a wild land with a strong and frank character as well as its inhabitants, where the presence of man has left permanent signs of his presence, just think of the civilisation of the Etruscans. We are in southern Tuscany, the history of Maremma starts very far away, once a sea, then became a lake, Lake Prile and finally a swamp, today a beautiful and rich plain with as “capital” the city of Grosseto. During our journey we will retrace the entire history of Maremma. We will ride on ancient Roman cobblestone roads and on the Via dei Cavalleggeri, a network of white roads that joined the various lookout points on the coast, visit the remains of the Etruscan city of Roselle, the Maremma Natural Park and the

Ombrone River, and Grosseto with its beautiful walls still intact.

Maremma can be visited throughout the year thanks to a very mild climate even in winter. Here nature “offers” the best of itself in every season, if we then join the ancient folk traditions, legends, food and wine products, this way this land will flood you inside and you will not be able to do without it anymore!



These will be two loop tours of the length of 50 and 35 km mainly on flat routes and with some climbs that are easy to overcome thanks to the use of e-bikes.

We will ride on bike paths, dirt roads and only in some sections on asphalt with little traffic. 


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Tour Details

Duration: 3 Days
Starting from: Grosseto
Arriving to: Grosseto
Lenght: about 85 Km

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