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Brunello - wine experience - private group - 09/21/2023
Brunello – wine experience – private group – 09/21/2023
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In the heart of the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, discovering the places once traversed by pilgrims from all over Europe on their way to Rome and where the world’s most famous wine, Brunello di Montalcino, is produced. A place where man has drawn with the rows of vines, a unique landscape, small medieval villages, country parish churches and abbeys tell us the thousand-year history of these lands, where you can still taste the flavours of the past and time runs more slowly.

An experience to be had while pedalling along the white roads of Eroica, the historic cycling event inspired by the biking of yesteryear, we will have e-bikes that will allow anyone to experience the thrill of feeling part of those places, of hearing certain sounds and scents that only with a bicycle can you perceive.


The loop e-bike route is on dirt roads and paved sections but with little traffic.

Suitable for everyone, even those who do not normally ride bikes, and with climbs all surmountable through the use of e-bikes.

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Tour Details

Duration: 7 Hours
Starting from: Montalcino
Arriving to: Montalcino

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Adults: 8
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